A Notice to our Members

We regret to report that FishingJobs.com has suffered a major technical event, and four years worth of data in our membership database was permanently erased. No personal or confidential information was compromised in this event.

Upon careful reflection, and in recognition of the fact that social media -- in the years we have been in operation -- has irrevocably changed employment search practices and recruitment, we have decided to retire FishingJobs.com.

If you purchased a membership from us at any time between October 15, 2020 and October 15, 2021, we will gladly refund your fee. Please send your name and a contact phone number to us at [email protected]. We will check it against our record of transactions and, if you appear in that list, will refund your payment. Please allow two weeks from time of notification to completion of the refund process.

Thank you for understanding, and good fishing!