Yes, I would like to join AFJC, post a profile and make myself available for hire as a crewmember.

Features of my membership will include:


My own fully-searchable profile indicating my availability, along with a detailed application, my references and many more job-searching options for targeting specific kinds of skippers

Full "visibility" to all skippers who use the AFJC website to conduct their hiring
Unrestricted access to the skipper contact files, maps, fishery calendars, reference materials and other resources in the Fishing Crew Toolbox

I understand that my membership fee will be charged as a NON-RECURRING billing - a one-time charge of only $36.00 (equivalent to just $3 per month) for a full year of rights and privileges here at AFJC.

I also understand that I should NOT join AFJC if I am NOT eligible to work in the United States.